How to get lift NOC for DDA flats

If you reside in a DDA (Delhi Development Authority) flat, you are likely aware that their low-rise and older constructions lack lifts. For a long time, the DDA, as one of the major land development agencies, has met Delhi’s housing needs. Lifts are necessary for transporting items to various floors for senior citizens, patients, visitors, and guardians.

Installing lifts in DDA flats is now simpler than ever. The corporation’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) will now be rendered ineffective solely due to a court stay order. Previously, such a NOC became null and void even when challenged in court, delaying lift instalments indefinitely and causing confusion.

The documents are required for the no objection certificate (NOC) under the revised policy for lift installation including permission for the installation of a lift in the individual block from owners/legal delegates of at least 50% of the flats in that block’s stairway.

ShuttleSky Lifts and Structures is a Delhi/NCR-based company that instals premium quality lifts in DDA flats and has a team that helps with the NOC process. One of ShuttleSky Lifts and Structures’ advantages is that their legal cell is equipped to handle lift and NOC-related disputes or disagreements directly from the court. From paperwork to final lift operation, their team cooperates and coordinates responsibly, allowing them to become a more significant player in the growing elevator industry.

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