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India's first IOT enabled lift
with zero breakdown record.

  • Best-in-class
  • Iot enabled maintainace monitoring with mobile apps for both ios and andriod
  • Strong structure
  • Upto 10 years Guarantee*
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  • Project Location : Mayur Vihar Phase-2
  • Project Location: JW Marriot, Mussurie
  • Project Location: Bunglow, Vasant Kunj
54+ works


ShuttleSky comes under the top Lift & Elevators Manufacturer company in India. What sets us apart from the competition is having access to the best quality and the use of modern technologies of new elevator products in this industry.
The products we have are passenger elevators, panoramic elevators, an elevator for villas, hospital elevators, and freight elevators with maximum capacity of 5000 kg, and the maximum speed is 10.0 m/.

India's first IOT enabled lift with
zero breakdown record

The home elevator is the perfect combination of elegance, reliability and advanced safety features. It is smooth and trouble-free and provides excellent riding comfort.
More than 1000 installations in Delhi-NCR. Including NOC from Govt, Structure, Civil Work and Lift

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Home Elevators
4 steps to a new lift

Most Trusted   &    Best Lift Manufacturing Company in Delhi/ NCR

How we
   Do It

Meet and set goals

We first organize a meeting with customers and talk about their goals for the future. In this meeting our client can freely communicate with us and ask questions.

This step is extremely critical because you can evaluate the performance of your architects by looking at their portfolio.

Work on the concept

The next step is to develop the concept of your future home with high tech lift. We determine each factor that contributes to the success of your home construction project.

Our team of designers and architects will plan every step of the project to ensure that the end result meets not only your requirements but also international construction and safety standards. This is when monitoring & control starts.

Setting up your LIFT

There is no doubt that the most important and responsible part of making a home is its construction process

As long as we work with reliable contractors, we can guarantee good results. This step is one of the most complex steps from preparing a construction site to installing a lift.

Specialised in DDA LIFT Manufacturing and DDA NOC

When the project is finalized, our quality control team makes sure that the final inspection of the lift is done correctly.

Our staff will make sure that the internal components and equipment are properly installed in this final step. When all is said and done, we invite our clients to evaluate the end result and experience the quality of our project.

Elevators company

We deliver the best solutions
Shuttlesky award winning elevator company
We have been working in the industry since 2011.
To this day, we have completed 54 projects.
shuttlesky has been awarded for creativity many times.
Elevator for homes

Shuttlesky has a place in the most advanced lift manufacturers in Delhi.

  • We are the first lift company in Delhi or you can say in India that provides IoT-enabled lifts.
  • We are a DDA lift company in Delhi that provides zero breakdown lifts with brick and steel support in DDA flats. Our company is the most renowned Lift manufacturers in Delhi and the complete North Indian Region.
  • Our team has the vision to provide world-class service and the latest technology at minimum expenses to give a soothing experience without compromising with the safety of the users.
  • Therefore, being a DDA lift company in Delhi, Shuttlesky provides seamless service with its engineering knowledge and intelligence of manufacturing elevators.
  • With over more than 50 lift projects in DDA and several maintenance contracts, we have installed more than 1000 lifts all over the country that includes passenger elevators, panoramic elevators, an elevator for villas, hospital elevators, and freight elevators with a maximum capacity of 5000 kg.
  • Our lift manufacturing company provides the installation of new elevators along with the repair and replacement of existing elevators.
  • Being the best DDA lift company in Delhi, We never compromise with the safety and hence we take DDA projects to manufacture elevators on a tone basis where we provide lifts and its structure along with pipes, electric cables. Our lift manufacturing company also create bridges to connect two infrastructures.
  • This helps in creating a strong base with high-quality material that will further help in fabricating a seamless experience.
  • The installation of different types of lifts or elevators is done by the most qualified, skilled, and experienced engineers and technicians, who make sure that no loose ends are left once their work is done.
  • We always ensure the smooth, soundless operation in lifts and elevators we install to give an enchanting experience


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