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Our company has been the leading provider of lifts and elevator services to hospitals, DDA, homes, and industries since 2008. We pay attention to every aspect of our work.

ShuttleSky Lifts

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Zero breakdown lifts with brick and steel support.

Vision to provide world-class service and the latest technology at minimum expenses to give a soothing experience without compromising with the safety of the users.

Seamless services with its engineering knowledge and intelligence of manufacturing elevators.

With over 50 lift projects in DDA and several manitenance contracts, we have installed more than 1000 lifts all over the country that includes passenger elevators, panoramic elevators, villa elevators, hospital elevators, and freight elevators with a maximum capacity of 5,000 kg.

ShuttleSky Lifts provide the installation of new elevators along with the repair and replacement of existing elevators.

ShuttleSky Lifts do not compromise with the safety and hence we take DDA projects to manufacture elevators on a tone basis where we provide lifts and its structure along with pipes, electric cables. Our lift manufacturing company also create bridges to connect two infrastructures.

We ensure the smooth, soundless operations in lifts and elevators we install to give an enchating experience.

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What Services Does ShuttleSky Lift Company In Delhi Offer?

ShuttleSky makes your life easier with its comfortable and high-quality elevators. Also, we are among the top lift company in Delhi.  We have been serving in this lift industry for years. And, our company provides world-class services to the clients. Thus, we use only the latest technology at very low expenses. So, we offer lift set-up, maintenance and repair services. Plus, we offer a wide range of lifts for homes, DDA commercial and industrial use. We don’t only manufacture and supply the lifts. But, we provide experts to install your new elevators. And, service or repair an existing one.

The right set-up of the lifts is very essential for the safety of the passengers. Thus, being a leading lift firm, we offer the best installation service. Our technicians leave no loose ends while working. Also, to ensure the durability of the lifts we believe timely service and upkeep is necessary. We use high-quality materials to build our elevators. So, you will not need servicing very often. But, if you are stuck with any fault in your lift, you can call us right away. Hence, at ShuttleSky you will get the best class lift services as per your needs.


At ShuttleSky, we ensure the safety of the passengers and the durability of the lifts. Thus, for the same, timely service and maintenance of the lifts is important. We are the best Delhi elevator company providing a wide range of flexible upkeep services. Our services help keep your lift moving smoothly and safely 24X7. Also, we have expert engineers to offer maintenance services for your lifts at your doorstep. We offer every lift service that you may need. Besides, our experts always arrive at your place on time. Firstly, they carry out a complete assessment of the working of the elevator. And, then continue with the further maintenance service as per the condition. We provide maintenance services for various categories of lifts. Such as hydraulic lifts, capsule lifts, hospital lifts, other domestic and commercial lifts, etc.

Hence, you can have the best maintenance services for all types of lifts. And, keep your lift running smoothly for a long time. So, take advantage of ShuttleSky lift services for increased safety and fewer faults. And, you can get a clear picture that your equipment is working correctly. Moreover, our highly skilled experts are popular for their spectacular work in the lift industry. They are trained and work with complete dedication. Hence, they do not miss a bit while servicing your lift and make sure to deliver the best elevator services. We offer world-class services at a nominal cost. So, you can get in touch with ShuttleSky if you need maintenance services for passenger lifts, goods lifts, hospital lifts, etc. Call us right away for the best lift services experience.

We, at ShuttleSky, aim to offer all of your elevator service needs without any hassles. So, apart from lift installation and maintenance services, our repair services are on the top too. We are valued by many top industries and institutions. Being a top Delhi lift manufacturer, we not only provide the finest lift repairs but take care of all your elevator needs. Also, we offer a replacement for your outdated lift with modern lift models in various categories. Hence, ShuttleSky is a one-stop lift service company and fixes all your elevator issues quickly. Besides, our repair services are world-class yet affordable. Some of the key features of our repair services are:

  • Budget-friendly service
  • Round the clock repair service
  • Complete stock of genuine spare parts
  • Customized lift repair as per the client needs
  • Offer an economical maintenance plan

Our extensive repair and upkeep lift services help to keep the elevator in minimum down-time at a fair cost. Plus, our best team of experts uses modern systems and tools to repair the lifts. This makes sure that your lift will work better in the long run. Also, we ensure the best quality and satisfactory lift services to our clients. So, if you are facing any problem or fault in your lift, just call experts from ShuttleSky. Our expert technicians will be there at your place in no time. And, they will instantly resolve your issues and offer you the best class service.

ShuttleSky is a leading Delhi lift company offering the best lifts for your homes, hospitals, offices, buildings, etc. We not only manufacture and supply the best elevators, but provide installation, repair, and regular upkeep services. And, we have trained experts who provide top-notch lift installation services. With the support of our highly skilled technicians, we commit to provide the finest residential and commercial lift set-up services. Besides, we offer reliable and high-tech solutions for your lifts. Thus, we only use modern tools to install your elevators. Also, we offer flexibility when it is about your suitable timings and budget. Our clients recognize and appreciate us for our top lift installation services. Hence, our company aims for 100% client satisfaction. And, make sure that everything is working well before handing the operation of the lift to the client.

Since we are among the leading elevator lift manufacturers, installation and other services are a vital part of our best elevator service. Our skilled technicians are experts in setting up various types of lifts. Such as passenger lifts, goods lifts, office and residential lifts, hospital lifts, capsule lifts, etc. In addition, with our lift installation services, there will be no issues in your daily routine. And, there will be no harm to your existing structure, building, or home. Hence, our experts promise to offer complete reliability and quality finish to all types of elevators or lifts. Also, the best part is that we offer professional lift set-up services. So, we make sure that no loose ends are left after the entire work. Thus, you can avail of a limited time guarantee on our services. Our services will not put pressure on your pocket. At ShuttleSky, we ensure the safe, smooth, and noiseless operation of the lifts we install.

What Types Of Lifts Do ShuttleSky Lift Manufacturers In Delhi Provide?

We at ShuttleSky thrive to achieve our goals of giving our clients the best service and products possible. So, we are well versed with all the latest updates of this industry. And, this helps us to evolve and offer the finest products to our clients. Hence, we are the best lift manufacturers in Delhi offering high-quality lifts at a fair price. We offer all types of lifts in the following category-

Home & Residential elevators: We offer small lifts for homes to make it easy for you to move to different floors. Also, our home lifts are of the best quality and fit within your home easily. And, we provide all types and sizes of home lifts.  Being a leading lift company, we help people choose suitable residential elevators as per their needs.

DDA flat structure lifts: Our Company builds DDA flat structure lifts. Also, we are a certified and licensed firm. And, we follow all the norms to install lifts in high rise structures of this kind.

Commercial & goods elevators: Our range of goods and commercial lifts contains some innovative features. Also, we use high-grade materials which make the lifts safely lift heavy and light goods.

So, you can find some of the best selection of lifts at ShuttleSky.

Does Our Lift Company In Delhi Offer Lift And Elevator Repair Services?

To ensure the durability of the lifts and the safety of people timely maintenance is essential.  So, our best technicians offer top-notch services at a nominal cost. Also, it is important to get the proper setup of your lifts. And, you must hire a reliable firm to perform the task. It is necessary to make sure that your lift works smoothly and safely. With ShuttleSky, you will not need to worry about failures or faults in the elevators. Since our experts double-check the overall operation of the lifts.

Besides, we use genuine parts in our elevators. So, there are almost no chances of failure or breakdown.  In case, you face any issue you can call for the repair services. Also, we offer customized lift repair services to our clients on their doorstep. Hence, if you are stuck with some fault after installation, you can call our experts from Lift Company in Delhi right away. will reach in no time to fix your issues. And, guide you on the suitable way to operate your lift.

How To Find The Top Lift Company In Delhi?

Good elevator service is important to ensure your safety. Also, finding a reliable lift companycan majorly affect the expenses and quality of the lifts.  Here are some points that may helpyou find the top lift company in Delhi-

Experience and expertise: This is an important factor to consider while looking for an elevator company in Delhi. Also, their experience and level of expertise will help to know their ability to install, repair, maintain or service and the quality of lifts they offer.

Use of modern tools: You must look that they use the right and up-to-date tools to build, install, and service the lifts. It is very important for the quality and pricing of the lifts.

Elevator to IoT: In this digital era, the lift company must link the Internet to their elevators. Since it may help to access, manage, and control live data easily. So, we use this new technology in our lifts and offer you a smart lift design.

References: Check the reviews from past projects and clients before hiring the service provider.

Safety measures: Make sure they follow all the safety rules before and while setting up the lifts.

Hence, you can reach out to ShuttleSky for installing a high-quality lift at your place.

Will The Lift Manufacturers In Delhi Customize Capsule Lifts For My Home?

ShuttleSky capsule lifts enhance the overall look of your place or building. Since our capsule lifts are eye-catching. And, you can look around the lively surroundings of these lifts. Also, we use modern tools and technology to build these lifts. The cabin of the lift is in a capsule-like shape. And, it comes along with the glass-viewing panel. We offer elegant lift designs which give the best panoramic view. Thus, we pride ourselves to be the best lift manufacturers in Delhi. These lifts are the best fit for residential, shopping complexes, hospitals, offices, etc.

Besides, we can customize the capsule lifts as per our client needs. So, we can add or modify certain features in the lifts. Such as flooring, the colour of the lights, and other exterior or interior changes. The capsule lifts add an artistic attraction to your place. So, these lifts are the best choice to enhance the beauty of the building and bring life to the structure. Hence, you can get in touch with our experts to know more about personalizing capsule needs as per your desire.

What Home Lift Features Does Our Lift Company In Delhi Offer?

We at ShuttleSky create the best lifts for your home. Also, being a leading lift company in Delhi we make sure that our lifts are perfect for your home. Thus, we ensure maximum safety, reliability, and 100% client satisfaction. And, we use the best quality raw materials to develop top-class products for our customers. So, some of our lift features are as follows-

  1. Design: We design the home elevators to match your needs. So, our best types of home lifts are safe, compact, and superior. Also, our lifts augment the look of your home.  The beautiful interior gives you a luxurious experience.
  2. Durability: Our Company offers long-lasting lifts that serve you for years. Also, our experts double-check before delivering the product. So, there is almost no chance of any fault or failure.
  3. Safety: We follow all lift safety protocols. And, a safety device in our lifts makes sure that you are safe even at the time of power failure.
  4. High-grade machine: We use the best technology in our lifts. So, the lifts consume less electricity and have a variable speed. And, our lifts offer the best and smooth operation with minimum or no breakdown.

Where To Find The Best Home Lift Manufacturers In Delhi?

Home elevators add more value to your home with elegant designs. Also, there are quite a few service providers supplying home lifts. But, it is essential to find a reliable company that offers quality lifts for your home. ShuttleSky lift manufacturers in Delhi enable customers to select a home lift with various options. We provide the best lift installation and solutions. And, we help make people’s journey safe and easy to move to different floors. Plus, we have been serving in this industry for years. Thus, we understand the different needs of our clients and deliver the same product as they demand.

Safety is the top agenda of our company. Thus, after the set-up, we make sure that everything is working in the right condition. Also, our experts help you to know the proper functioning of the lift. Besides, our high-quality and durable lifts reduce your expenses in the long run. We offer a wide range of home elevators which aim at catering for the needs of the user. Also, we provide certified lifts across Delhi. Hence, you can make your daily life easier with ShuttleSky ultimate home lifts.

Why Are We The Best Lift Manufacturers In Delhi?

We aim to provide world-class lift services at a reasonable cost. Also, we offer the best quality lifts without negotiating the safety of our clients. Thus, we make sure to use only the finest raw materials to produce our elevators. So, the quality of the product is our priority. And, this makes us the best lift manufacturers in Delhi. Since we use the latest tools to develop our lifts. Hence, with ShuttleSky elevators you will need very few maintenance services.

Moreover, our skilled technicians install your lifts with proper care. Plus, the experts provide top solutions for your lifts. So, you don’t need to worry about any issue with your elevators. Our experts are there to help you right away. And, we carry out site meetings to find out the client’s needs better.  We offer faster services and reliable and high-quality lift installation. Also, we provide the best elevators for homes, goods, commercial uses, offices, hospitals, etc. Such a wide service portfolio makes us counted among the top lift producers in Delhi.

Lift Company in Delhi
Safety Measures While Lift Installation.

There are certain regulations one needs to follow while installing and using the lifts. And, these rules are for the safety, security, and building norms in India. ShuttleSky is a certified firm. And, we make sure to follow all the rules needed while installing lifts. Plus, we take care of all the safety protocols before we install lifts in homes, buildings, or commercials. Hence, before we start the set-up process, we visit your place. And, our experts suggest a suitable place to install the elevator.  This helps us to avoid any further issues while fitting the lifts.

Our lift company in Delhi is very serious about the safety of our technicians as well as clients. Thus, we follow some safety steps to avoid any damage. Like training our workers to properly install the lift and handle the machine well. Also, setting a safety protocol, use of modern tools, etc. And, to ensure the safety of users they must partner with a reliable elevator company. We have built high-quality and safe lifts for many years. Also, we perform broad testing to make sure that our lifts pass all safety measures.

What Makes ShuttleSky Unique?

We offer many good reasons to our clients for making us their first choice. Thus, we are dedicated to delivering the best service to our customers. Also, we are the top lift manufacturers in Delhi providing quality and value for money products.

ShuttleSky Lifts & Structures

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We offer different types of lifts as per your space. Also, our experts inspect your place and suggest a suitable lift and location. So, we have various unique lift designs to match your needs. Moreover, we provide custom-designed elevators that exactly fit your needs. And, you can decide various features like lighting, flooring, etc. of your lift as you wish.

Well, it depends upon the type of lift. But, typically the average size of the lift is around 6 to 7 feet tall and 3 – 5.5 feet depth. And, the small residential elevators have a shaft-less design. Also, taking out the shaft section saves a lot of space.

These lifts move using pistons that have a fluid-pumping system. So, this fluid collects in a cylinder and pushes the piston up to lift the elevator. And, the fluid is released and the weight pushes down the piston for a smooth descent. Also, these lifts are economical and make great use of energy resources.

ShuttleSky offers the best lifts for your home and building. Also, it does not require much space and doesn’t affect the look of your place. Besides, an elevator with a shaft may need at least 5 feet width and depth. And, a shaftless lift will need half the amount of space.

ShuttleSky manufactures various types of lifts each with a unique design. So, you can get different types of home lifts, commercial & goods lifts, hospital lifts, DDA flat structure lifts, etc. Plus, you can customize features in your lift as per your needs.

It is our top priority to ensure your and your family’s safety. Thus, we follow all the safety protocols while installing and servicing your lift. Also, we train our staff well to take care of all the safety measures. Plus, we offer some useful safety controls in the lift to ensure your safety. And, we suggest getting maintenance service to be sure that all the parts are in good working condition.

It depends upon your needs. Also, it rests on the space and structure of your home. Besides, we have various ranges of home lifts. So, you can easily select the one suiting your needs. Also, pneumatic lifts, hydraulic lifts, capsule lifts are some best options for homes and residential.

In case of sudden breakdown or installation issues, we provide instant service for your lift. Also, our trained technicians resolve every issue within minutes. So, you can get the best repair services at fair charges.

Yes. It is one of our major aims to make it easy for people with mobility issues. Thus, we manufacture lifts with amazing features suitable for elderly and disabled people.

We use high-quality raw materials to build our lifts. So, it won’t require servicing often. And, we ensure that your lift will last for years. Our lifts are durable and economical. But, getting preventative maintenance services timely will let your lift operate smoothly for years.


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