School Lift Permission & Installation

At ShuttleSky Lifts, we understand the importance of providing safe and inclusive lift solutions for schools, in adherence to CBSE guidelines. Our commitment to meeting CBSE circular number 05/2023 ensures that schools can enhance mobility and accessibility for all students. Our Goal is to provide lift in school as per CBSE Norms. The below mentioned are the school lift construction guidelines. Our lifts are designed and constructed with the following technical details:

Technical Details:

  • Construction as per CBSE Guidelines: Our lifts are meticulously constructed to meet the lift construction guidelines set forth by CBSE. By following CBSE circular number 05/2023, we ensure that our lifts are compliant with the specified technical requirements.
  • Color Contrast for Enhanced Visibility: To minimize glare and ensure clear visibility, the lift doors and panels are designed in bright color contrast. This deliberate choice enhances the visual experience and reduces discomfort caused by glare, providing a safe and comfortable environment for students.
  • Ample Car Space: Our lifts feature a minimum internal floor space of 1500mm x 1500mm, exceeding the CBSE’s minimum requirement. This generous space allows smooth and convenient movement for students using wheelchairs or other mobility aids.
  • Convenient Door Dimensions: The lift doors are 900mm wide, providing easy access for students with disabilities. The closing mechanism is adjusted to allow adequate time for safe entry and exit. Alternatively, we offer sensor-based doors that ensure seamless and convenient operation.
  • Accessible Call Button Placement: Call buttons are strategically placed within reach, between 800mm-1000mm from the floor. They are positioned at least 450mm away from any corner or wall, ensuring effortless access and operation for all students.
  • User-Friendly Control Panel: Our lifts feature control panels inside the lift car on both sides. The buttons are designed with Braille and raised letters for visually impaired individuals. Additionally, the buttons are in bright contrast to the background, ensuring ease of use and accessibility.
  • Audio Announcement for Enhanced Communication: To aid individuals with visual impairments, our lifts are equipped with audio announcement systems. These systems provide clear announcements for door opening/closing and floor levels, allowing students to navigate the lift independently and confidently.
  • Key Plan Inside the Lift: We include a key plan of all floors inside the lift, facilitating easy reference and navigation for students. This ensures that students can easily select their desired floor, promoting efficient movement within the school building.
  • Vision Panels for Safety and Security: Vision panels are provided on the lift doors at two levels: 800mm and 1500mm. These panels enhance safety by allowing students to have a clear view inside the lift, promoting a sense of security and awareness of their surroundings.
  • Level Difference within Safe Limits: The gap between the lift door and the floor surface is carefully controlled and maintained within a maximum of 10mm. This ensures smooth and safe entry and exit, minimizing the risk of tripping.
  • Informative Floor Directory: We prominently display a floor directory on the lift landing, providing information about the main facilities and services available within the school building. The floor directory also includes an accessible emergency egress route, indicating the location of nearest refuge areas for children with disabilities.
  • Reflective Surfaces Minimization: We ensure that visually and acoustically reflective wall surfaces within the lift car are minimized. This minimization reduces visual distractions and discomfort for students with visual impairments, creating a more inclusive environment.
  • Slip-Resistant Flooring: The floor of our lift car is designed to be slip-resistant, matching the frictional qualities of the lift landing floor. This precautionary measure minimizes the risk of stumbling and ensures the safety of all lift users, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Mirror for Enhanced Navigation: A mirror is strategically placed on the wall of the lift car opposite the lift door. This mirror serves as a navigation aid for wheelchair users, allowing them to check for obstacles behind them and view the floor indicator panel. It is designed to be lightweight, color contrasted with the surrounding wall, and positioned above 900mm from the lift floor to avoid confusion for children with visual impairments.

Above mentioned guidelines are as per CBSE circular on school lifts and in compliance with CBSE Lifts regulation for specially abled students. By partnering with ShuttleSky Lifts, schools can confidently fulfil the technical requirements outlined in CBSE circular number 05/2023. Our lifts are meticulously designed and constructed to adhere to these essential technical details, ensuring compliance, safety, and accessibility for students with special needs.

For more information about our inclusive lift solutions for schools and how we meet CBSE lift regulations, please contact us at +91-9090900215. At ShuttleSky Lifts, we are dedicated to enhancing mobility in educational institutions and providing safe and inclusive lifts for schools.

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