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Lift is a long term investment that is very important in this modern lifestyle. Elevators are a crucial component in the building. Lift of not same in all the places they are various types of lift that serve different purposes. In this modern world, you can see that almost every building is built with a huge number of floor even with 20 to 25 floors right. If there is no lift, then just imagine the people who live or survive there. It really difficult to use the staircase and also it consumes a lot and a lot of time to reach your floor. Nowadays, the lift has become an essential part of the building. There are different types of lift, and they vary based on style, capacity and usage. So you need to think based on your requirement while choosing lifts. If you are looking for a goods elevator, then continue reading this article to know the consideration factors while choosing a goods elevator.

Tasks for the elevator

To determine the elevator, your lift has to be able to meet your requirements in terms of the tasks that you need to use it for. If you buy the large lift, then you will be transporting large and heavy loads. Considered you will not be transporting large loads, and then you may buy the small goods lift. The lift you choose must match the size of your intended loads.

Load capacity 

The volume and weight of each load determine the capacity of the lift. The large boxes of a light object or small boxes of heavy items may not require the same lift platform but may need the same weight capability. Some goods lift can be customized based on the different platform size and lifting height customization.

Distance need to move your goods

Your building will help to determine the structure, size and position of your lift. If you consider more than two stops, then you should consider whether the lift has to go through the mezzanines. The lifting height of the lift platform can be up to 24m that perfectly meet a huge range of lifting requirements for goods transportation.

Installation and operation requirements

It is a bad idea to buy a lift if you do not have the right building specifications. So check your building whether it has the right specifications by the lift company and ensure that you can have it installed and fully functional. It also the best idea to learn if your building can take on the weight of a lift and ensure safety.

The lift should be open or close

The open style platform is recommended only for short travel up to three meters. It does not have a shaft, whereas an enclosed platform lift has a shaft for the entire length of travel. There is much good lift company in Delhi you can contact them to get the best-manufactured lifts.

Find the right drive system

The main drive system includes a guided chain, hydraulic and screw drive. The discussion about the drive system with manufacturers is more important so that you can completely understand the differences in how the drive system will affect the longevity of the components and space requirements. The manufacturer has both the hydraulic power-driven goods lift as well as gear reducer powered goods lift.

Pit or ramp 

Goods lift basically requires a pit of 50 to 150mm. Sometimes they offer a ramp at the bottom door if a pit cannot be provided to offset the distance from ground to platform. You can easily transform goods from place to place with the help of goods lift.

Automatic doors

The automatic doors are often preferred by customers who face difficulties in pushing and pulling doors. There are various types of closer that will react differently when the door comes into contact with an object, and these must be discussed with the manufacturer to ensure it meets your requirements.

Does the goods lift need to carry people too?

For security reason, a good lift must not carry the person. Many people prefer the goods lift only for the goods. So if you are in confusion, make it clear when you order a lift from the manufacturer.

Bottom line

Are you the one who is in need of goods elevator and searching for the best company then you can have a look for companies in Delhi because there is much best lift company In Delhi NCR where you can get a well-manufactured product.

DELHI DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY PRESS NOTE. (Public Notice) VALID PROCEDURE OF ISSUING N.O.C. FOR LIFT INSTALLATION IN GROUP HOUSING DDA FLATS In supersession of earlier orders of acquiring NOC for installation of lifts in Group Housing Flats/SFS/Other Flats constructed by DDA, the revised policy is as under: 1. Important Note: NOC for installation of lift and connecting bridge is a must. No individual is allowed to erect, re-erect, make alteration or cause an equivalent to be avoided obtaining the no objection certificate in each individual case from DDA. it’s within the public interest to urge the NOC from DDA and approval of modified drawings from local Municipal Authority within the de-notified areas to make sure that they’re constructing lift well for installation of lift with adequate provision of ventilation, hygienic ambiance, light and conform to the provisions of Building by-laws & plan. Constructions raised without sanction are responsible for action under provision of D.D. Act,1957/MCD Act. I. GENERAL Pre-requisite for grant of NOC: (i) The request for soliciting NOC for lift installation and connecting bridge needs to be submitted by Proposing Applicants* after having necessary consent from legal representative(s) / owner(s) of at least 50% of the flats in that staircase (of the related block) who shall be beneficiaries upon lifts’ installation. Additionally, the consent from ground floor flat owners is desirable you can ask at your own will but it is not mandatory for seeking NOC by applicants. The application must be complete with all importantly required documents/Affidavits and other pre-requisites for issue of NOC. II. WHOM TO APPLY Beneficiaries in all the Colonies where services stand transferred to Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) along with colonies where services are associated with DDA shall apply to SE(HQ), DDA of concerned Zone. The NOC is will get issued by CE(HQ) after pending verification of documents. Further after the NOC issued by DDA, the applicants need to get modified drawings/sketching with certified approval from local Municipal Authority, in the regions that have been de-notified before actual accomplishment of construction work. III While applying for NOC, the following documents/ indemnity bonds/affidavits are mandatory to submit: (a) Consent letter from owner/legal representative of at least 50% of the flats in the stair case of that block for installing lift in individual block (served by a common stair case). However, the consent from ground floor owner is optional not essential. (b) Approvals of the lift manufacturing agency (preferably as per approved list of CPWD) that will demonstrate clearly to whom residents are likely to involve for installation of lift. This will be important in context of technical feasibility, location of lift well, safety aspects of installation. (c) Registered Structural Engineer/ Architect’s Certificate (on their letter head) mentioning that the structural outlay/design of lift well is as per provisions and guidelines of National Building Code. (d) Four copies of original building plan depicting the location of the lift-well duly signed by registered Architect and applicants of the proposal. (e) Certificate/Letter pertaining to the maintenance/operation aspect and safety norms, necessity and accumulated cost for the above operation. (f) Attempt to obtain NOC from Chief Fire Officer, GNCTD (if applicable or required), Lift Inspector and Power/Electricity Distribution Company. (g) No Objection Certificate from the registered RWA of the particular block in case any transfer of services is involved. (h) Reimbursement Bond from all the Proposing applicants in order to indemnify to keep DDA harmless from any claim which anyone may, at any time, reap against the DDA. (i) The proposing members entitled as lift installation beneficiaries must provide an affidavit on stamp paper mentioning that there is no unauthorised construction/construction beyond permissible/allowed limit including terrace of the particular block (the NOC for installation of lifts shall not be processed till all such unauthorised constructions are removed/regularized). In any case lift shall not be allowed to go above the terrace level at all. (j) After analysis of the proposal comprising all technical aspects by associated Engineer (Head Quarter), Director (Housing) & Senior Architect, on their recommendations, CE(HQ) DDA will provide No Objection Certificate for installation of lift that is subject to deposition of requisite charges, if any, raised by DDA as per the discussion in para (l) below. (k) Where it would be necessary, a provision of connecting bridge/walk way can be considered from the lift well to the landing point by authorized evaluation and permission. (l) A processing fee of Rs.5,000/-(non-refundable) per lift is provisioned to be charged by the DDA after verifying the check list submitted (permission shall be granted within 45 days after submission of all required documents). The payment can be made through DD in favor of concerned Sr.AO (CAU), DDA. [Applicants can be classified into two categories i.e., Proposing Member(s) and Secondary Member(s). Proposing Members are the one who are presently using one common stair case only and paying their contribution to the cost of installation of lifts whereas Secondary Members are the one who are using common stair case but not equally contributing to the cost, however, consent for lift installation is provided by them. Their accumulated number should be at least 50% of all flats served by that staircase. NOTE: Affidavit’s format, undertaking and indemnity bond can easily be downloaded from official DDA website “”] 2. The Architect(s) can receive a certified copy of original plan of the flats from Housing & Urban Projects Wing (HUPW), DDA on the prescribed payment. In case if the plan is not available, the Architect will be responsible to prepare a part lay out plan and will submit the same with the proposal. 3. Check List for Depositing the Application Below mentioned pointers are to be checked prior to acceptance of the application while granting NOC for the installation of lifts: (i) Application form in appropriate Proforma (ii) Four samples of plans (one mounted with cloth) appropriately signed by all the proposing member(s) and Architect, registered with Council of Architecture under the Architect Act,1972 indicating his/her name, address, contact number clearly visible original construction in blue colour and proposed construction/ construction to be regularized in red colour at a scale not less 1:100 (iii) Part layout plan that displays the site under reference, and CONNECTING BRIDGE positioning of the block and its adjoining area. (iv) Supervision certificate provided by Architect and empanelled Structural Engineer along with a copy of their valid registration & qualification certificate as additional document. (v) Proof of flat ownership documents: Lease Deed/Conveyance Deed shall be taken as documents for the proof of ownership. The registered Sale Deed or General Power of Attorney/Agreement to sell shall be accepted as the ownership proof only after the property has been converted into freehold by DDA. (vi) Certificate by proposing member(s) and structural engineer for safety from natural hazard as per the Proforma explained by the Ministry (vii) Undertaking/affidavit by the proposing member(s) related to the cost of installation/operation and maintenance of lifts. (viii) Letter Head of Architect/Structural Engineer for structural design as per provision of National Building Code. (ix) Indemnity Bond from all the proposing applicants in order to keep DDA harmless from any claim which anyone may, at any time, institute against the DDA (x) House tax paid receipt from all the proposing member(s). (xi) Affidavit on non-judicial Stamp Paper of Rs.10/- by Proposing Member(s) with regard to no unauthorized construction/construction beyond authorized or allowed limit in any flat including terrace. (xii) Proof of deposition of processing fee of Rs.5,000/- in the form of DD payable to DDA (xiii) Recommendation letters or copies of lift manufacturing agency regarding technical feasibility, location of LIFT WELL and CONNECTING BRIDGE, safety aspect in respect of installation. (xiv) List of all owner/Legal representatives/Residents using that common staircase giving status as to title (owner/tenant/Vacant) and their role in the application such as Proposing member/Secondary member/Un-interested member. APPLICATION FORM FOR PROPOSED LIFT INSTALLATION & CONNECTING BRIDGE IN GROUP HOUSING/SFS/OTHER FLATS BUILT BY DDA To The SE (HQ), (concerned Zone). D.D.A. New Delhi. Sir/Ma’am, We hereby inform that we are intending to accomplish Lift installation and CONNECTING BRIDGE in the Group Housing Flats built by DDA in the _______________ Block No._____ situated at _______________ Scheme __________ consisting of_______ Nos. of flats bearing No.______ to _______ as per the guidelines in this regard. We forward herewith the following plans and specifications duly signed by us (name in Block Letter), the Licensed Architect/ Engineer who has drafted the plan, outlay, design etc. And who will supervise its construction and a copy of other statement/documents (as applicable). The proposed covered area of Lift well is ________ and of CONNECTING BRIDGE is ________. Following documents are attached and enclosed herewith: (i) Four sets of building plan showing the original construction in Blue colour and proposed construction in Red colour (ii) Ownership documents of flat associated with proposing member(s) (iii) Proof of the deposition of processing charge to DDA (iv) Indemnity Bond from all the proposing Member(s) (v) Certificate signed and provided by the Structural Engineer/Architect (vi) Verified copy of valid certificate of the registered Architect & Structural Engineer (vii) Supervi…

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