Shuttlesky Vacuum Lifts revolutionized how people switched around in their homes around the world. The pneumatic vacuum lifts are designed to work with AIR, the most common and easily accessible resource on the planet. The main reason these vacuum lifts work is the upward push created by the deviation in atmospheric pressure.

Shuttlesky imports leading vacuum lifts from around the world and brings them to India. Not only as a product but with proper spare storage and well-trained technicians, these vacuum elevators perform as well as they do in the country of manufacture.

What are the benefits of using Shuttlesky Vacuum Lifts in Delhi?

  • View from Every Angle

While traveling, you can see through 360 degrees of clear polycarbonate cylinder. This feature tends to provide you with a connection to the outside environmentinstantly. You no longer feel alone when you have to travel from the ground floor to the top.

  • There is no space constraint.

Shuttlesky Lifts can be installed both inside and outside the home using the Anywhere Installation System. If you are looking for an affordable lift setup for your home, you can reach out to their team of experts. Visit their website to get more options to choose from if you have concerns regarding the space it will take inside the property.

  • Excellent Doors

Swing doors provide easy access to the Shuttlesky cabin and are user-friendly, with an integrated child safety system. Everything is designed for the safety of the users who can be adults as well as kids.

The size of our Vacuum Lifts is one of the main factors you might want to purchase for your home. Vacuum Lifts can fit in a 1010mm diameter space. Because it is small, these Vacuum Lifts will not take up much space in your home. Even if your home is limited, Vacuum Lifts could be installed. Because it is small, these Vacuum Lifts will not take up much space in your home.

Shuttlesky home elevators in Delh irun on single-phase power and consume almost no power when ascending. This lift gobbles up ZERO power during descent, creating a GREEN Elevator. Shuttlesky vacuum lifts are made from a combination of aluminum and galvanized steel, enabling the lift to be lightweight without compromising strength.

Shuttlesky Vacuum Elevators will improve the appearance of your home and, with no installation delays, are the quickest way to install a lift inside a current home.