ShuttleSky Lifts & Structures

Commercial & Goods Elevators

We at Shuttleky have pioneered in the manufacturing of residential and office elevators all over Delhi.Among all the elevator manufacturers in Delhi, Shuttlesky is the first company that provides IoT enabled lifts.

What is IoT?

IoT (Internet of Things) is a computer communication system and a digital machine that can easily transfer data from one network to another without the need for a computer or human communication.

As far as our work is concerned, we have installed more than 50 lifts in DDA flats as of now in Delhi itself. If we talk about India, then we have installed more than 1000 lifts all over the country that includes passenger elevators, panoramic elevators, an elevator for villas, hospital elevators, and freight elevators with a maximum capacity of 5000 kg.

Types of Elevators we manufacture

  • Passenger Elevator

    Passenger elevators are simply made to move people from one point to another in a building. These elevators can have a capacity of 4-26 passengers.

  • Goods Elevator

    These elevators are designed to carry loads in industry, building, hotel, car workshop, etc. These elevators are created depending on the type and weight of the product that the prospect is willing to load.

  • Automobile/Car Elevators

    As the name suggests, these elevators are aimed to move cars and vehicles from one floor to another. We offer all types of vehicle elevators from 1500 kg for smaller cars to 5000 kg for bigger cars like SUVs and tempos.

  • Hospital Elevators

    Hospital elevators are made to be installed to transport patients on wheelchairs or stretcher without disturbing his life support system along with the doctors and nurses. Special attention is given to the smooth, swift, and silent moment of the elevators.

  • Home Elevators

    The home elevators are a great way to ferry vertically in multi-story homes and bungalows. These lifts are enclosed in a shaft and can travel vertically as much as 15 m.