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Various facilities across the city are equipped with elevators to make tiresome tasks of moving people and goods easier. Not only elevators are now found in commercial places, malls, airports, metros but also with the trend of high rise buildings, elevators have also become a necessity in residential places and buildings. It enables movement of people in large and tall buildings easier. ShuttleSky is known to be one of the top most elevator company in Delhi. We are committed in the development, manufacturing, sale, installation, service and maintenance of different types of elevators.

Our Products

Our range of ShuttleSky smart elevators include all kinds of residential and home elevators, DDA flat lifts, commercial elevators, passenger elevators, hospital elevators, goods elevators etc. With the use of updated technology, we continuously strive to make our products better in order to make our customers experience smooth, trouble free and comfortable. All our elevators are designed with utmost care and precision. Our technicians and engineers are highly skilled in order to make your use of elevators safe and comfortable. We have experience of over 9 years in this field with 54 projects and completed and numerous ongoing projects. ShuttleSky is an award winning elevator company in Delhi known for delivering the best solutions.

Our Services

ShuttleSky is a team of highly skilled, dedicated and promising individuals who are not only experts but also experienced in the field of development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of elevators. We are one of the leading elevator manufacturers and service providers in Delhi. We deal in all kinds of elevators that you possibly require.
Our services include:

  • Installation of new elevators
  • Repair of elevators
  • Timely maintenance of elevators
  • Replacement of your existing elevators

Our Specialization!

Our highly skilled technicians and engineers ensure smooth, comfortable and noiseless operation of the elevators we install. We are committed to deliver the best quality of elevators, most suited to your requirement at a minimum price without any compromise on the quality of elevators and our services that follow. We prioritize customer satisfaction at all levels of development, installation, service and maintenance of elevators.

The Most Reliable and Efficient Elevator Company in Delhi

ShuttleSky Lifts is one of the most renowned and promising elevator company in Delhi. We are India’s first IOT enabled elevator manufacturers with zero breakdown records. We are known to be the best in class delivering strong and sustainable structured elevators with up to 10 years guarantee. All our elevators are IOT enabled maintenance monitoring with mobile apps for both android as well as ios users.

What products does our elevator company in Delhi offer?

ShuttleSky is among the leading elevator company in Delhi. And, we desire to provide innovative lifts for our clients. Thus, we aim to deliver better service and solutions as per their needs. Also, all our products are high-quality and durable. And, our experts take care of all the safety measures while setting up the elevator. So, all our products are safe, reliable, and last longer without needing frequent services. Our company deals in the following range of products-

Home and residential elevators: We offer a wide range of elevators for your home and building. Also, they fit easily into your home without any issue. And, the classic design raises the look of your home.

Commercial and goods elevator: Our Company brings high-quality lifts that can easily take heavy loads. So, you can get the best designs of the goods elevator at ShuttleSky.

Hospital elevators: We provide the best patient lifts with perfect design, lighting, and cabin suitable for the hospital.

DDA flat structure lifts: We offer a smooth process to install lifts in DDA flats. Also, we help in getting NOC for DDA lift set-up.

Why should you hire a professional elevator company in Delhi?

Hiring experts to install or service your lifts is very important. Firstly, it ensures your safety. Also, you will get the best quality and reliable services. Thus, our elevator company in Delhi offers skilled experts for fitting and other lift services.  We offer budget-friendly lifts for your home, building, hospitals, malls, offices, etc. Also, to make sure that your elevator lasts long, you must choose a trusted company. So, we supply excellent lifts as per your needs. Here are some benefits of hiring a licensed elevator firm-

  • Good performance: Getting lifts and lift set-up from a good company makes sure that your machine works well. Also, they check the working of the lift before handing it over to you.
  • High-quality raw materials: We use high-grade raw materials to build and install your lifts. Thus, there are no chances of any fault or accident ahead.
  • Best technology: Our team uses prime tools to provide the finest lifts to clients. Also, we keep all the new updates of the elevator industry.
  • Low maintenance costs: With ShuttleSky, you won’t need regular upkeep services. And, the charges of cleaning or replacing any part are very less.
How can you extend the life of your elevator with preventive maintenance?

If you want to keep the operating cost low, then you must start with your home’s or building’s lift. So, to lower your expenses you must check that your lift is working well. Since we are the leading elevator manufacturer in Delhi. We confirm that you will not face any issues with our lifts. But, in case of a sudden problem or accident, our team is there to aid you. Also, anticipatory care gives you peace of mind that your lift is in a good condition.  Plus, you can avoid serious and costly repairs in the future.

Besides, it is necessary to focus on the doors of your elevator. Since it is the most used part of the lift. ShuttleSky experts identify such problems and fix them before it becomes a costly repair. But, if you are facing any constant trouble then contact our experts instantly. They will offer optimal and genuine solutions for your issues. Hence, the best way to extend the life of your lifts is to seek a reliable firm. And, preventive maintenance service is a wise way to lower your costs and maintain your elevator lifelong.

Does the ShuttleSky elevator manufacturer in Delhi personalize the elevators?

Having a customized elevator at your place needs proper planning and designs. So, the ShuttleSky elevator manufacturer in Delhi helps you get your custom lifts. You can contact our firm to get high-quality custom lifts matching your home’s interior. Also, you can get some unique designs for the lifts. Plus, our expert suggests the right type and size of the lift suitable for your place. Hence, they visit and inspect your place before the final process and installation. We aim to deliver top-class lifts and services to our clients. Thus, we provide the best elevators as per your taste and needs.

Moreover, we design our lifts using modern tools and technology. It enhances the look of your home and increases its value. And, we will customize lifts for your homes, buildings, or apartment. So, you can choose some options or features as per your choice. Such as cabin walls, lighting, floors as per your home décor. We build the best-customized elevators and create a benchmark in offering top-class lifts.

Why should you go for the elevators at home?

With changing times, high-rise buildings are very common. And, installing a lift is becoming a need rather than a luxury. So, it makes sense to install a lift at your home. Hence, ShuttleSky offers the best and elegant lifts for your homes. We are a reliable elevator company in Delhi caring about the comfort of our clients above all.  In addition, lifts result to be very helpful for the elderly and those with medical conditions. And, with residential lifts, you can easily transport your heavy grocery or water cans.

Besides, our lifts will add value to your property. So, if you are looking to let your place out for others, it can give a huge return. Installing a home elevator is completely safe. Also, we have safety systems in our lifts to ensure passenger’s safety. Plus, our elevators won’t need much space. It can fit itself in a corner easily. It will not cause any discomfort to the people living in or around your place. Hence, make your home easily accessible to you and your family with ShuttleSky home elevators.

What is the variety of elevators that our elevator manufacturer in Delhi provides?

We are an eminent elevator manufacturer in Delhi for all types of lifts. And, we design modern and safe lifts as per the client’s needs. Also, lifts are available with various features, shapes, and sizes. So, you can easily choose the one suiting your needs. We use the finest raw materials to build our lifts. And, we pass through strict quality checks to ensure safety. Here’s a wide range of elevators that you can choose from our company-

Passenger lifts- These lifts are very user-friendly. And, you can choose it to install as per your business type or building needs. Also, you can choose either to get small or huge passenger lifts.

Home lifts- Our experts design innovative lifts for your home. Also, these lifts are ideal for elderly and mobility-impaired people. And, the elegant design increases the overall look of your home.

Hospital lifts- We offer the best lift matching the standard of the hospital. And, space, lighting, controls are perfect for the patient lifts.

Hydraulics lift- These lifts are ideal for small, low-rise and older buildings. Such as DDA flat structure lifts.

Goods lift- We provide efficient and high-grade lifts to easily carry heavy goods. And, our goods elevators are durable and are easy to handle and control.

Why is our elevator manufacturer in Delhi reliable?

Due to the rising demand for high quality and safe lifts, there is a lot of battle in this industry. Also, several companies claim to offer the best lift services. And, many of them fail to prove their claims. But, ShuttleSky is a leading elevator manufacturer in Delhi. And, we have gained fame due to our outstanding services. Also, we focus on our customer's needs and offer them exactly what they need. Our company assures for the timely and fast delivery of the product and other lift services.

So, our lifts are safe and reliable. And, our lifts have the best safety features with superior performance. Besides, we provide top-class lifts at feasible pricing. Also, our team clarifies every detail and cost of the product and services. Plus, we deliver what we promise. Thus, you can entirely rely on our elevator company.

Why choose our elevator company in Delhi?

ShuttleSky Elevator Company in Delhi is the best one available with modest lifts. Also, we have a reputable record for the best elevator company. We aim to offer world-class services to our clients with the least expenses. Besides, we don’t bargain on the safety of our customers. Plus, we don’t settle on the quality of our product. Thus, we use high-quality raw materials and the latest tools to build our lifts. Also, our experts offer the best lift fitting service as per your needs. We provide general care and upkeep services to boost the span of your lift.

We offer unique designs for home and commercial lifts. And, you can check the reviews of our company. All our past clients have positive reviews of our services. Since a good reputation infers great and safe services. So, with our elevator company, you don’t need to worry about quality, safety, and durability.

ShuttleSky Lifts - The Best Elevator Company in Delhi

ShuttleSky is committed to provide the latest technology elevators at a minimum expense. We are known to be one of the most reliable elevator company in Delhi for delivering the most secure and comfortable elevators. We prioritize safety of our customers in the process of development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of elevators. We have hundreds of projects already running in various commercial as well as residential places.

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