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Lift Installation In Existing Buildings

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Shuttlesky is known for its fluent work in manufacturing IoT enabled lifts and providing lift permission in Delhi.

Lift installation can never be out of the trend. There is a rise in demand for the lift installation in the existing buildings due to obvious reasons.

This huge demand is witnessed largely from the villa housing and existing structures with having a ground +1 or more floors.

There are two reasons for which the residents are preferring for the lift installment in their existing buildings;

  1. 1. To complete the basic necessity.
  2. 2. For the luxury purpose.
If one has to install lifts in their existing buildings, the speed of the lift should be slow. On the other hand, if one is looking to add the lifts to showcase luxury, aesthetics, and features are vital components.

The client is the one who makes the ultimate decision and as a result of which the customization of lifts in the existing building is also on the rise.

The current lifestyle of people is not good. The increase in pressure and workload has decreased the mobility capability of the people and due to this, the citizens of the 40+ age group found it difficult to use stairs to shift from one floor to another.

This is also the reason because of which the residents of homes with ground +1 floor are looking forward to lift installation in their existing buildings/homes.

What is the benefit of lift installation in already constructed homes and buildings?
There are multiple benefits of lift installation in existing buildings:
  1. 1. Quality of Life: A lift makes it easier for people to move safely around your building, allowing older residents to live at home for longer and making access to upper floors easier for everyone.
  2. 2. Improves the Value of the entity: Lift installation in existing buildings increases the value of the property, makes the building more attractive to potential buyers and tenants, and improves accessibility.

What do you need to get a lift installed at your residence?

If you are looking for a lift installment in your existing building, you need the basic infrastructure in a hoist-way such as a shaft within which the elevator moves up and down.

If the hoist-way is not there, one has to get it done from a professional lift manufacturer.

Who can help you with lift installment?

There are some strict lift rules and regulations mentioned under the “Elevator and Lift Act 2002”.

This Act clearly states that no person shall construct, install alter, repair, maintain, service, inspect, examine or test an elevating device unless the person;

  1. 1. Holds a certificate of competency issued under the Act “Elevator and Lift Act 2002”; or
  2. 2. Is a mechanic in training under the supervision of a person who holds the certificate of competency?

Therefore, for the safety and easy hassle-free lift installment in your existing building, you should consider someone who has all the mentioned requirements to prevent any legal trouble.

You can consider Shuttlesky which is a well-known lift manufacturing company in Delhi that makes IoT enabled lifts.

The team at Shuttlesky will take complete responsibility for the lift installment in the existing buildings or some new building.

You can leave all the worries on us and we will handle all the hurdles for you. The experienced team will take all the permissions to give you an astonishing user experience without any legal trouble. Shuttlesky provides seamless service with its engineering knowledge and intelligence of manufacturing elevators.

Our lifts are highly energy efficient with live monitoring support. The modern foreign technology of IoT connects the Internet to a building energy system to make it more energy-efficient and smarter.

As far as our work is concerned, we have installed more than 50 lifts in DDA flats as of now in Delhi itself.

 Home lift

If we talk about India, then we have installed more than 1000 lifts all over the country that includes passenger elevators, panoramic elevators, an elevator for villas, hospital elevators, and freight elevators with a maximum capacity of 5000 kg.

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