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Lift Permission Delhi

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Shuttlesky is known for its fluent work in manufacturing IoT enabled lifts and providing lift permission in Delhi. If you are stuck with the norms and regulations of the state government to install elevators in homes or DDA flats, don’t worry. We at shuttlesky will take the complete responsibility to provide lift installment permission at your home or flat in Delhi.
IoT (Internet of Things) is a computer communication system and a highly optimized digital machine that can easily transfer data from one network to another without the need for a computer or human communication. With this feature, it makes the movement of lifts in a smoother way.

This IoT technology is very effective in monitoring and controlling different electronic and industrial systems in buildings. This feature enables the user to monitor the behavior of the occupants to reduce energy consumption. If you are planning to install a lift at your home or in a flat, you should definitely consider the IoT technology that is mainly used in big industries. These IoT devices can monitor changes in operating conditions, such as friction or noise, and can be used to predict changes when elevator maintenance is required.

Well if you want to get a lift installed, you have to take lift permission from the government in Delhi. It is a much complex task but Shuttlesky takes full responsibility to make the process smoother for you. Our team will take all the permissions to give you astonishing user experience. The senior citizens and physically challenged people find it hard to go on the top floors but people in Delhi will now have easier access to this tough going locations.

Shuttle Sky Lifts is the way up.

As per the new rules of DDA, “several points of unified building bylaws of Delhi-2006 rules, which govern the construction of buildings have been amended by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA).” Shuttlesky helps in taking lift permission in Delhi by the government in DDA flats and all other locations. Till now, lifts were only available till the top floor and from there, people have to move on their own to the terrace which becomes almost impossible for high aged and physically challenged people.

Here, IoT technology is very effective. The continuous flow of data from monitoring devices allows you to detect the problem before it reaches your building and hence it ensures safety. To take lift permission in Delhi, the flat-owners will have to apply for a no-objection certificate (NOC) to the DDA for areas where it still maintains the utilities. Otherwise, the applications will have to be made to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

The flat owners have to get a structural stability certificate from a registered architect While applying for NOC. Also, to get the NOC or lift permission in Delhi for DDA flats, the lift should be installed in a manner that the stability of the existing structure is not affected and no weight is transferred on to the current structure. This lift permission process sounds easy but in reality, it is damn complex.
Shuttlesky is a DDA compliant local body and hence it has power and resources to help in taking lift permission in DDA flats in Delhi as well as getting NOC for the DDA lift installation.