Benefits of Using IOT Enabled Lifts in Your House.

IOT technology plays a key role in the most important aspects of our daily lives.

Posted by ShuttleSky on 9 September, 2020

IOT (Internet of Things) is a computer communication system and digital machine capable of transferring data from one network to another without the need for computer or human communication. These digital devices contain unique identifiers (UIDs).

Over the past decade, AI and IOT technology have transformed elevators and lifts, which has led to higher elevations with the speed and convenience of people. They become more intelligent and analyze the data they collect and connect to the cloud. IOT technology is changing very fast and many industries is adopting like manufacturing, IT, Chemical etc. We at ShuttleSky came up with the same technology in our DDA lifts in Delhi, we are the first company to manufacture IOT enabled lifts with zero breakdown records and integrated systems & product sensors, are also included.

Benefits of Using IOT Enabled Lifts in Your House

IOT technology plays a key role in the most important aspects of our daily lives, such as wearable technology, health; Connected vehicles; Home automation and Lifts & Elevators. You can find some of its applications below.

1. The IOT is very effective in monitoring and controlling different electronic and industrial systems in buildings.

2. It helps connect the Internet to a building energy system to make it more energy efficient and smarter.

3. It also helps to identify the behavior of the occupants to reduce energy consumption through real-time monitoring.

4. The IoT helps to understand its future applications and create an effective system for better planning.

5. The use of IoT technology in DDA lifts involves sensing, Communication Helps integrate different products such as transformation and networking capabilities.

6. Equipment; It also helps manage conditions along with assets and production processes.

7. The use of IoT in the lift manufacturing sector in India has accelerated the production process of new products to meet demand.

8. IoT data fuels improve your preventive maintenance time and turn it into a predictive maintenance model. These devices can monitor changes in operating conditions, such as friction or noise, and can be used to predict changes when elevator maintenance is required.

9. Continuous flow of data from monitoring devices allows lift manufacturers in India and other elevator service professionals to detect the problem before it reaches your building

10. Top elevator companies use IoT data to streamline the innovation process. Simple things like changing a part can have serious consequences (positive or negative)